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Unlike most marketing companies TRC Multimedia takes the time to know your business before recommending any products or services. The first thing that we do is helping you identify your business goals. Whether you are looking to promote a new product, generate new leads, or just keep your current clients engaged.  Once TRC Multimedia identifies your goals we then take the time and determine whom your biggest competitors are, and most importantly what they are doing in the way of marketing. By doing competitor analysis we can determine what has worked and what hasn’t in your market, in turn saving you a lot of time and money by learning from your competitor’s mistakes as well as successes. Now that a strategy has been determined we can develop a marketing plan based off of your marketing budget. TRC Multimedia will rarely suggest pouring all of your dollars into one form of marketing as marketing is an investment, and like your personal investments diversification is important when trying to make a conservative return on your money. Almost all of our marketing plans will begin with a corporate identity/branding package since these elements such as logo and tagline will be the face of your company across all of your advertising mediums. Only after these are created can we begin the actual advertising campaigns that will ultimately generate the new business that you are looking for. Our goal is to keep you as a client for life. We will act as your marketing company until your business grows enough to where you need to bring in your own in house team.

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